Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling is a great way to deepen an already great relationship, however, most people seek counseling after one or both partners have been disconnected for an extended period of time. Unmet needs, hurts, anger, and resentments weaken the connection and lead to detachment.  This pattern has the potential to place the marriage at risk and eventually into a crisis.  At critical times like these you want to make sure you have a therapist who has the training and expertise to guide you through either the turbulence of intense emotions or one that can draw you out of indifference and into connection.  Although 80 % of counselors say that they do marriage counseling, only 12% of those counselors have ever had more than one class in marriage counseling, and many have had none.  I specialize in Imago Relationship Therapy which is designed to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Healing and Growth,
  2. Restoring Connection and Intimacy
  3. Development of Mature and Lasting Relationship Skills.