Do You Need To Be Right?

By Ellen Truschel.

In a conversation do you need to be RIGHT? What happens when someone doesn’t agree with you? Do you feel rejected or maybe even angry? Most arguments are the result of what I call a “Battle of PERSPECTIVES”. Two different perspectives clashing, seeking to be RIGHT. We may clash when we’re defending a position. Maybe your defending your faith or maybe it’s a difference of opinion but you feel strongly about it. Keep in mind though that not everything is about right or wrong. Often it’s a about our preference or our opinion.

If you want to keep a positive open dialogue it’s important to change your goal in a relationship from being right to a goal of understanding where the other person is coming from and getting to know them better. Using the art of curiosity, seek to understand more than to be understood. Listening is the real key here. It’s truly a gift when we get the experience of being listened to, really feeling understood. The practice of being present for each other can help us to change our motives in our conversations.

So don’t get hung up on being right and forcing your perspective on your love one. Enter into the sacred space of the other and offer the gift of presence vs the gift of YOUR perspective. Then true connections can happen. Even God in Psalm 46:10 has asked us to be still so we can know Him. So do you want to really KNOW your loved one… or do you just want to be RIGHT?

So stretch out of your comfort zone and ask yourself…this week – What will YOU do for love?

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