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Meet Ellen

Favorite Saying:  “Light One Candle Instead of Cursing the Darkness.”

“Hi.  My name is Ellen Truschel and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and the CEO of Central Valley Counseling Center and Catholic Marriage Counseling and Retreat Center.  I’d like to welcome you to my website.  Whether you are struggling in your marriage, have concerns about your children or are seeking healing and growth for yourself I would love the opportunity to help you.   Relationships are vital to living a full and satisfying life and yet they can at times be the most difficult challenge we face.   Why is it that the ones we love the most may be the most difficult to be close to?  How is it possible to be so distant from your partner or feel so overwhelmed with your children?  Is your family in such severe conflict that you fear for your future and the future of your children. Have you lost touch with who you are and have you lost hope of achieving your goals and dreams?   Let me assure you there is hope and healing waiting for you.  I’ve been working in mental health for over 30 years in every kind of program you can imagine and now I am able to bring this experience directly to anyone who is seeking it.  My approach is one of deep healing and restoration.  I assess the root cause of your pain and the pain in your relationships and help you to gently release your past and your pain so that you can begin to live a more full and abundant life in the present.  Treating the cause instead of treating only the symptoms allows you to truly heal and to connect more deeply with the relationships that mean the most to you. Is it possible for you to have love and peace in your life?  Absolutely!  When you are ready, give me a call for a free 15 minute phone consultation so I can answer any specific questions you might have and get you started.   So once again, welcome, and I look forward to meeting you.”

Ellen’s Biography

Ellen Truschel is the CEO of the Central Valley Counseling Center and the Catholic Marriage Counseling and Retreat Center. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Family Centered Regulatory Therapist, Certified Dynamic Marriage Facilitator, Certified Connected Parents-Thriving Kids facilitator and a Master Trainer for the Great Behavior Breakdown Parenting Weekend Workshop. She served for 5 years on the Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Retreat team for post abortive women and men and has also completed a five day training called “From Grief to Grace”, a Christian healing retreat for sexual abuse survivors. She has worked in the field of Mental Health for over 30 years and is passionate about helping others.  She has been married for over 26 years and has two children.  Although most of her work is facilitated in her counseling center or retreat center, she also is available to provide seminars, workshops, and retreats to various churches throughout the Central Valley as well as northern or southern California upon request.


Meet Jeff

Favorite saying: “No Dogs Down!”

“Hi. My name is Jeff Truschel and I am the business office manager and retreat coordinator for the Central Valley Counseling Center and the Catholic Marriage Counseling and Retreat Center. I’d like to welcome you to our website and I hope to meet you at our upcoming seminars, workshops, and retreats.  We strive to provide the best growth and healing experiences for you in our growth and healing programs. Not everyone needs clinical services.  Our seminars, workshops, and retreats provide a pro-marriage, pro-mental health, pro-spiritual health alternative to counseling that may be just what you need to launch you into your next level of greatness.  We’re excited to assist you with living your best life. We all need a little support now and then and here at the Central Valley Counseling Center, we’re committed to leave no one behind.  Check out our growth and healing programs and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.”

About Central Valley Counseling Center, Inc.

(Established in 2007)
“Healing our Communities One Family at a Time”

Central Valley Counseling Center provides a full spectrum of services including Marriage Counseling, Parenting Support/Coaching, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Individual Therapy.  In addition to the clinical services, Central Valley Counseling Center provides education and life-changing workshops that are affordable and accessible to anyone who is interested.

Although many great things grow in the Central Valley, our most precious resource is found within the people who reside here.  Central Valley Counseling Center is dedicated to reach out to the entire Central Valley and beyond, to bring cutting edge interventions to families in need of growth and healing.

Staying true to its primary mission, Central Valley Counseling Center is passionate about “Healing Our Communities One Family at A Time”.  If your community is in need of healing, consider scheduling a life changing workshop today.

About Catholic Marriage Counseling and Retreat Center

(Established in 2019)
“We Choose to Live Differently”

Catholic Marriages are Sacramental Marriages.  A Sacramental Marriage is defined as one man and one woman uniting themselves to Christ placing HIS will over their own for the purpose of living a grace filled life.  Sacramental Marriages require a couple to commit to certain daily, weekly, and yearly activities that protect the marriage while growing in intimacy with each other and Christ.  Living out these practices allows the couple to grow and mature in their relationship with each other, their children, and the community that they live in.  Living out this vocation provides graces that ripples out to each other, their families, their communities and to the world.  God’s life giving love is the foundation of every Sacramental Marriage and it is a necessity for maintaining peace in the world.

The Catholic Marriage Counseling and Retreat Center was established to provide a unique and specific support to these marriages, incorporating Catholic beliefs, values, and practices into the process of marriage counseling or marriage coaching. Remembering that we were made in the image of Christ, we strive to reflect Christ in us.  Unfortunately we often can fall into the mindset of trying to make Christ into our own image, resulting in a distorted view that waters down the life giving power that is available to us through the Holy Spirit

If you would like to learn more or are interested in scheduling a Catholic Marriage Counseling or coaching appointment or Marriage Retreat Intensive, call the center at 559-908-2991 or send us an email  specifying your request.