An Intensive is an extended therapy session that is designed for a specific purpose.  It can be scheduled for a 3-4 hour experience up to several days.  Central Valley Counseling Center offers this service for Individuals, Couples, and Families.  Intensives provides clients with focused distraction-free experiences that has powerful results in breaking through obstacles that cannot be accomplished in a 50 to 75 minute session once a week.  In addition, many people are unable, due to varying circumstances to schedule a weekly appointment.

Why are intensives so effective?

  • Intensives aren’t confined to the time restraints of brief weekly counseling sessions.
  • Clients are away from distractions for the duration of their experience.
  • Clients identify core issues and uncover hidden obstacles
  • The extended experience allows time for release and resolution of pent up feelings in an environment of safety and compassion.
  • Intensives are an effective and economical way to grow and heal in a short period of time.
  • Those that travel, live out of town and/or have difficult schedules can have access to a process that produces rapid results.

Type of Intensives Offered…

  • Private Couples Intensive (3 hours to 3 nights/4 days)
  • Multi-Couples Intensive (No more than 5 couples)
  • Family Intensive with and without children present
  • Parenting Intensive
  • Group Therapy One to Two day Intensives
  • Anger Management
  • Growth Group
  • Post Abortion Healing
  • Adult Survivors Expressive Therapy Group
  • Mother’s Group
  • Father’s Group
  • Grief and Loss Group
  • Christian Healing Retreat

How do I sign up for an Intensive?

  • For already Scheduled events, sign up online.
  • To Schedule a private intensive or to reserve a space on a future un-scheduled event…
    Call (559) 908-2991 or send us an email. Please be specific with your request.