Catholic and Christian Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Catholic and/or Christian Counseling is a delicate weaving of psychological theory and interventions with biblical principles and practices.  Because Christians come from a variety of denominations and varying interpretations my main approach is to identify the current difficulty and select the best intervention to facilitate healing and growth.

Many people have a Catholic and/or Christian background and have fallen away from their faith because of a variety of reasons.  Many people have a true and deep love for Jesus Christ but have experienced hurt within a ministry or congregation which has resulted in feelings of anger, hurt, bitterness, and resentments.  The experience of hypocrisy can leave people to question their faith and avoid future interactions with Christian groups and/or congregations.  At other times people may have experienced abuse in their homes before or after attending church.  This is also psychologically abusive and leaves deep scars that can prevent people from trusting God.  Other issues such as sexual abuse, abortion, and sexual orientation can also impact one’s experience of self, feelings of rejection, feelings of abandonment by God and Church and alter their perceptions regarding their faith beliefs.

Whenever we have made choices that are in conflict with our religious upbringing there will be stress and anxiety which over time can result in spiritual detachment.  My interventions are focused on exploring the roots of your hurts, helping you grieve your hurts, and challenging your false beliefs about yourself.  This process opens people’s hearts to the Holy Spirit, enables them to re-connect spiritually, and allows them to re-enter and grow their relationship with God. Application of biblical principles and/or sacramental practices are selected based on the individual needs of each client and their readiness to receive it.